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Wardrobe sliding door hardware purchase skill pulley small details not sloppy
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The door is the charm of sliding door hardware accessories will directly affect the service life of the door and comfort. Sliding door hardware mainly includes a pulley, pulley rail and stop small accessories. High quality mobile door hardware is mainly embodied in the design and manufacturing level of the pulley system, as well as the design of the supporting track.
Doors are the following: office partition, balcony door, kitchen door, room door, storage room door, sliding door wardrobe.
Three main parts: sliding door frame, pulley, track
1 border materials. Currently on the market of the door frame materials are: carbon steel, Aluminum Alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, titanium magnesium alloy etc.. The carbon price is the lowest, the highest price of titanium magnesium alloy.
Frame section thickness to reach 1.2 - 1.5 mm, so that the sliding door can do 2.8 meters and will not be shaken and more solid. If the wall thickness of less than 1.2mm, such as some only 0.8 mm or 1 mm, the maximum can only be 2 meters, too high will shake, very easy to appear problems. The thickness profiles of the price, the cost is relatively high, also determines the firm performance of the sliding door.
Material composition can be generally divided into two types: one is Aluminum Alloy, is a tech (Tan Gang). Because the aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, is to move the door of base material is the main material, has gradually replace plastic products. And aluminum alloy itself is divided into ordinary aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum magnesium titanium silicon alloy. Al Mg Ti Si alloy is a special material for aviation industry. It has higher strength and lower weight. It has the advantages of anti oxidation and corrosion resistance. It is favored by consumers, but it is a few times the cost of ordinary aluminum magnesium alloy.
2 pulley. The most important component of a sliding door is the bearing pulley of the whole door gravity, to pay attention to the selection of high-quality high-strength wear-resistant nylon bushing and nylon surface must very smooth, not a prismatic convex; inner ball bracket is high strength nylon structure, reducing the friction, enhance the bearing lubrication performance; bearing force of the constitutive layers were for steel structure, this design can effectively reduce the noise in the process of sliding pulley, and can make the pulley not care, enjoy lubricating at least ten years.
A roller may be divided into two parts, one for the bearing, the other part of the bearing layer. The quality of the bearing on the durability of the sliding door play a key role. Such as huitailong sliding door hanging wheel bearing needle roller bearing is used, can maintain accurate guide, high load, smooth sliding, etc., to adapt to the ambient temperature between - 20 DEG C to 120 DEG C.
The twin pulley has the effect of wear and noise elimination. There are two parallel sliding wheels to further ensure the smooth, smooth and steady push and pull. In addition, good pulley design often have two anti jump device, ensure that the sliding door is safe and reliable, and poor pulley often only a jump preventer device, without even jump preventer device, used to train, to ensure safety.
3 track. The pulley guide rail is the core technology of the sliding door position, to withstand repeated friction, so the rail must be of high strength, abrasion resistance. The track with the pulley is also very important for the use of sliding doors. Sliding doors are generally used in the track of cold rolled steel rail and aluminum alloy rail two.
Consumers generally believe that the rail than aluminum alloy rail solid and durable, the wall thickness of the rail, the better, in fact, not all of course. High quality sliding door hardware is embodied in the perfect combination of track and pulley, rather than simply a part. The track must have a perfect curve with the pulley, followed by the material.
Sliding door purchase points
The 1 wheels are smooth, pressure, wear resistance, safe and reliable, is the selection of the key places closet door.
2 pulley generally choose high strength nylon composite material, with the ball, with no dry lubrication, so it can easily push and pull, smooth and flexible, and the gravity, pressure, wear resistance is not easy to deformation.
3 the quality of bearing on the durability of the sliding door plays a key role, the doors are made of imported steel ball bearings.
4 thickness of the thickness of the frame is generally to reach 1.5mm - 1.2mm, it will not shake.
5 frame profile surface treatment process, the level of electrophoresis of the best process, alkali sand and paint more easily fade and paint off.
The pulley 6 has two jump devices, to ensure reliable and secure when sliding door.
Pull up. The door smooth, no noise, no impurities, calm but light slip; difference is pulled up is more blunt, noise, dynamic jump.
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